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If only you could hear it live...


ice cream
Well, the problem outlined in my last post has kind of gone away, or seems like it will go away, which is good. I'm going to call the doctor on Monday if the problem persists, but I honestly don't think it will. It's mostly just really terrible cramping, which is quite unusual for me. I guess we shall see.

Last night, Mike and I went to see Angels & Demons. It was a pretty good movie, though I liked The DaVinci Code much better.

I was really glad that he agreed to go with me, I needed the time out. What with everything going on lately, it was nice to have a friend want to go out and do something completely mind numbing.

Tonight, the plan is fairly simple. I'm babysitting Alanna for Chris and Opal, it's going to be pretty fun.  We have a few errands we need to run, such as picking up the last Twilight book on paperback for Alanna at some book store or another. That should be very fun, especially since I adore books. Maybe we will go get some ice cream or something, I can't be certain.  Later, Brian is supposed to be coming over and we will be nerds together! Hooray!

Well, I think that's it for now. I have other thoughts buzzing in my head but no time to write them down, so we'll do that later!

Loestrin For the Epic Fail
Right, so there have been some pretty crazy events going on in my life, but I would just like to pick up and run with one particular development, that way those who are close to me can kind of understand the primary reason for my absence lately, for approximately a month or so.  Please venture forward as a warned individual, as quite a bit of this could be considered "TMI" to some people.

For a bit of back history on the subject, for those of you who are not familiar with this story, it begins in January 2002, when I was twelve years old. I started my period, things seemed pretty normal, I suppose. Zoom forward to April. Still bleeding and I hadn't breathed a word to anyone about it. I was having fainting spells, missing class fairly frequently. It continued until I finally ended up going to the emergency room with my mother in a panic. She had called her OB/GYN and it would take them a few more weeks to see me for an appointment with the doctor, so this was the best I could do. They did some preliminary testing and there was not much to speak of and not much they could do, as they weren't my primary physicians and couldn't prescribe me with birth control without performing a pelvic exam. My pediatrician said more or less the same thing.  Finally, in May, I went to see the doctor and was prescribed birth control to try to regulate my hormones.  He also did two separate ultrasounds and found nothing wrong with my uterus or ovaries the first time, the second to double check for endometriosis, and found what only ended up being a huge clot that passed within 24 hours of the exam.

Seven and a half years passed. I had been off birth control for approximately two years and was doing fine, until suddenly I had been bleeding for a few weeks. I made my appointment for July seventeenth. When I went to have my ultrasound done, the technician was very nice. I had taken a clinical rotation in the ultrasound unit at University hospital and had learned quite a bit about the trade, so I watched on and silently figured out what was going on without so much as a peep.  As the scan of my uterus came up, my heart broke. It looked deformed and misshapen, simply wrong. I was curious and wanted to ask, but I knew all too well that she really couldn't tell me. Diagnosis is the doctor's job. I read her notes, though, and found a few terms I didn't understand. One, however, was all too familiar. "Cannot rule out PCOS". She had done a scan of my ovaries, and it was what I had expected. Not surprised in the least, though not very pleased about it. I was too busy freaking out about my elephant man uterus and the paranoid fear that the doctor would explain that that's what was wrong, that was the culprit, and away they would take it in the name of saving my blood levels and making my life a bit more reasonable. 

The wait to see the doctor seemed so long and unbearable, especially since I was sitting there all by myself. I have to admit I was a bit cantaknerous with the young woman who was taking my vitals and inputting my history, though my angst was quite reasonable as she didn't understand what the term "breakthrough bleed" meant and refused to put it down that way in the chart. Later, someone who was training her came in and asked me some questions to confirm and ended up changing it rather than the long, stupid explanation the other girl had put in, thankfully. Dr. Dabbous came in and explained what was going on. PCOS I was already quite familiar with and pretty much came in for my diagnosis, to be honest, so we didn't spend a whole lot of time discussing that. He gave me some nice little sample packs of Loestrin, a birth control pill that I have taken in the past and ended up building up a resistance to to the point I was taking several a day for them to become effective. i decided to give it another go, though, since my health insurance has been having a bit of a problem recognizing my siblings and mother as my father's dependents and, as such, won't support any of our claims until certain paperwork is filed a certain way and we are painstakingly retroactively put back on our health insurance plan. It's ridiculous. Anyway, it means I don't have to pay for a prescription, or in this case three prescriptions as it's three months worth of pills. I am due to be back in October to see him again and discuss it at greater length and do some more testing to confirm. Oh, joy.

Well, the deformed uterus thing turned out to actually not be a problem after all. I cried on the way home, I was so happy I didn't get that particular bit of news. Even though PCOS kind of dashes parenting dreams to a certain extent, it's by far a greater outlook than, say, a total hysterectomy.  It turns out I have something called a bicornuate uterus, which is essentially a duplicity of the reproductive organs.  What that means is when I was developing in the uterus, my little developing self decided to take "one is the loneliest number you could ever be" to heart and try to create two reproductive systems. It only got so far, ending up in a bi-chambered or "bi-horned" uterus with one cervix and one vagina.

The picture is fairly clearly labeled. My mother's doctor tried to diagnose her with a septate uterus, which is clearly different because it has a pear shape in general but the uterus has a wall dividing the uterus in half. Mine is not so, it is two conjoined creating a heart shape. These conditions are sometimes confused, which is why I wanted to mention that. The only real issues about it is it's a bit more likely to miscarry and much more likely to present in a breech position. Other than that, very little difference whatsoever.

So, all in all it's unexpected and expected news all together. I'm quite surprised I had to live with this for so long since the same tests were done before with no results. I'm very happy that my doctor hired his ultrasound technician, she is a very nice lady and very capable of performing her job efficiently.

For any more information about these issues, the only thing I can recommend is google. You are not likely to find any good information unless you compare and contrast articles on wikipedia. PCOS is a fairly commonly discussed problem, and I will have more information about that in October. My main concern with it is, of course, the fertility problems, but also the link that has been found to insulin resistance as a possible cause. I have a family history of diabetes and really do not want to go through that. Since I have read online that, in many cases, it is possible to lessen or reverse one's symptoms by keeping a good diet and keeping your weight down, it's something I'm determined to try. If it doesn't help much, well, then at least I'll look fantastic, right? `It's a win-win situation, in that regard. It's something I will discuss with my doctor in more detail in October, but until then I don't see how losing a little weight would hurt.

Okay, so here's the catch... that appointment in October may come sooner than expected. I started breakthrough bleeds today and will call tomorrow to ask about what I need to do or if I need a new prescription or need to go in and have blood drawn and tests done to see what's going on. Though, this would seem to be the issue I had with Loestrin before, so maybe I'm just too much of a woman for that pitiful tablet. (Hahaha!) Though that would suck, since I have three months of the stuff for free and it would be a shame not to be able to use it. I'll have more information about that tomorrow, I hope. Until then, I am going to be parked on the couch cramping and crying pitifully. Breakthroughs are always so much more painful than a regular period, I don't know why. Now that my two uteri know I'm aware of them, apparently they're happy to give me hell. Well, at least they're teaming up, I guess. It was them not being on the same page that caused this mess in the first place.

Virtual Turtle: Herbert!
nerd knitting socks startrek

nerd knitting socks startrek
A - Age: 20! Hooray!

B - Bed size: Full. I wonder where that term came from? "I have a full bed!" "Lucky you!" Does that mean it's easier to fill up, more likely to be full or that sexy people have full-sized beds and thus it is always full? That last one can't be right... though it is also called a double mattress, so perhaps it is meant for two... which mine has! Me and Ms. Lunei cat!

C - Chore you hate: toilet cleaning, ew!

D - Dog's name: Missy, Gummy, and Tinker! <3

E - Essential start your day item: The phone, because the day really can't start unless the alarm on my phone goes off, you know.

F - Favorite color: I like green, it's pretty nice.

G - Gold or Silver: Silver. If we're talking about jewelry, it's sterling specifically since I'm deathly allergic to nickel! :(
H - Height: 5'2" (shorter than a 5th grader)

I - Instruments you play(ed): piano, violin

J - Job title: Desk Jockey, Office Monkey, Data Acquisition Clerk

K - Kid(s): None that are mine.

L - Living arrangements: Mom and Pop.

M - Mom's name: Alice

N - Nicknames: Cait, Caitie Bug, Kadyn, K.T., Joe-Jim-Bob-Roy #13 The Mutant Tadpole Llama Farmer with Teeth, JJBR, Sapph, Torty, Cec, Kaykey... lots more. Osh, if you don't recognize ANY of those, for shame!

O - Overnight hospital stay other than giving birth: But I was in the hospital 6 weeks after I was born... Well, I also had surgery when I was an infant and again when I was ten, but I didn't stay in the hospital for either of those, I don't think. I don't remember the first surgery, so it's kind of a moot point anyway.

P - Pet Peeve: Rudeness, when people fall asleep in my car while I'm driving, people trying to touch my feet, people looking at my feet, not putting books or movies away in alphabetical order, tons more.

Q - Quote from a movie: "I don't want to talk to you no more, you empty headed animal food trough wiper. I fart in your general direction. Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries. "

R - Right or left handed: I don't know.

S - Siblings: 1 sister, 1 brother

T - Time you wake up: 7 am.

U- Unconscious, have you ever been knocked out or fainted: Maybe. If I was, I don't remember it.

V - Vegetable you dislike: Is sauerkraut a vegetable? I mean it kind of is, right? Anyway, I don't like that too much. That's about the only thing, though.

W - Ways you run late: Getting distracted by something shiny on the way out the door, waking up late, my mom talking to me on the front porch when I'm leaving.

X - X-rays you've had: dental, chest, and foot. I think that's about it, though.

Y - Yummy food you make: cobbler! :D

Z- Zoo, favorite animal: Turtle. <3

CATastrophe Averted Day 2, Day 3
nerd knitting socks startrek
So, Ms. Lunei is doing very well! The swelling in her little foot has gone down quite a bit, and her medicine administration thus far has been... interesting.

Mom got bit the evening  of Day 1, she didn't want to listen to me about how it should be done and, as a result, found out the hard way that, no, Ms. Kitty actually really hates the taste of bubblegum flavored antibiotics.

Dad and I actually do much better, perhaps it's because she likes both of us more or that Dad is willing to listen to me about how to give a cat oral medication. What you do is you set her up on a counter and tuck her under your arm making sure to restrain her front legs, too, and hold her head at an upward angle. You stick the dropper between her back teeth and deposit the medicine, simple as. Seems like it should be that simple, at least, but you never really know how she's going to act. Every time afterward, though, she gets very upset and makes sure we know that she is angry with us. All is forgiven with she and I in private, though, as I set her up on my lap and pet her right in her favorite places and get her to purr uncontrollably. <3

I'm optimistic that this will be the "cure" for her little foot and she'll get better. No more cat fights and foot puncture wounds for you, miss!
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Mineral of the Month: June
rocks, geology
Right, then! I didn't want to tell anyone about it, but I signed up for a Mineral of the Month club! This is where you need to go to join, here is where you go to peruse the many different minerals they've featured. When I received the little package last night, I was so incredibly excited! I ran out onto the front porch and said, "Look, I got my mineral of the month, Mom!" She just gave me that look... you know, the look that says "You know you're pitiful when..." but I'm very proud of my happy attitude towards mineralogy. Hoping to have some interesting knowledge before class even begins in August. :)

Okay, so, some pictures and a bit of information about Stibnite, which is the mineral this month!

Mineral Data


(This is, of course, my sample, which is a lot smaller. )


CATastrophe Averted Day 1

So, Ms. Lunei is doing well. She had an appointment with her favorite person in the world today. *sarcasm*. When it was time to get up and get ready to go, she was not having it. Poor thing was so excited about going outside this morning... and then she saw it: The arch-nemesis, that which is the BANE of her existence, worse than the terrible bathtub beast... you got it, the pet taxi. Ugh, she hates that thing!  She actually hisses at it and her fur sticks straight up and she gets mightily upset when it is anywhere near her. It took me fifteen minutes and a few scratches on the hands and forearms to get her in, which is not that unusual.  Once she was in and I had time to put on some shoes, we were out of here.

Now, the ride over to the vet's office is only ten minutes long, at the most. However, you think I would be taking her on a forced march through a desert or something, she wails so piteously. Every time. It actually depresses me when I take her anywhere because she gets so upset about it. That wasn't the end, either, the moment we got there someone had given his dog over to his small son to hold... and it was a fairly large dog, and she came over to investigate the kitty, which did not please her at all. I don't think the dog had any intention to mess with her, she was just curious. I guess that's one way to have curiosity kill the cat, she nearly died she was so offended that that filthy animal would come near her and disturb her. She's so up tight, haha. Anyway,  I took her in and they did the usual examinations and made sure she didn't have a fever, which of course involved the use of a rectal thermometer. She gave me this look of "You really can't complain about not knowing why I hate you, can you?" Poor creature. I'm so glad I'm human and  can do that orally instead, for the most part. Yick. The doctor examined her little foot and said "oh yeah, that's infected" and gave me a medicine to give her orally.  1 cc twice a day for a a week to a week and a half, depending on when the bottle runs out. I hope it works out pretty well, it was an expensive vet visit. $82. Can you imagine?

Anyway, I'll be posting about how she's doing daily so that, at the very least, I can keep track of it.

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"Fight like a real man, get on your knees and pray"
heathen, mjolnir, asatru
About the title, last night as I was driving home, I saw a vehicle with this bumper sticker on it:

I can't help but find this entire thing rather boggling, I mean, okay, it's a bumper sticker and it associates the driver as a proud Christian but I can't understand the mindset that would drive one to believe it is appropriate to not fight one's own battles, but rather have God do it for them. Am I wrong in thinking that it is up to us, as people, to do as much as we can for ourselves, then ask for help when we have trouble. I honestly think this may be a mindset that has led to our cultural lack of responsibility for ourselves and our actions. It's one of the things that kept me awake last night, among others. I actually didn't get to sleep for several hours to the point that I couldn't get up for class today. It's not a big deal, just doing review for exams and such. It's open book and open notes, just have to read the chapters. 

Word of the day! Hooray, it's been such a long time since I've done this! Ah, and it's a good one! "Short shrift". Hm, I guess one thing I've been giving the short shrift would have to be cleaning my bedroom. Yet another weekend project I'm going to have to maybe put on the backburner. I hope not, it's something that needs to be done and is likely to make me feel much better once I do it. That, and Aiden's blanket! I just haven't felt very comfortable in my house enough lately to sit down and do it, especially since I have that frustrating mess up to fix. Ugh! I do hope to get it done before he's born, but each day that seems less and less likely. I will finish that group of sailboats this weekend, at least. I'm determined to do that. At least, that way, I'm done with one quarter of it. Sounds like a plan.

Speaking of Aiden, Osh was dilated 1 centimeter as of last night! The time is upon us!

Right, then. The past few days have seemed like a flurry of activity, which in a lot of ways I suppose is a good thing.

Tuesday was pretty good, I suppose. Chemistry was not interesting, and happily enough my favorite government class of all time was cancelled... *evil grin* So, that was nice, I suppose. I got to stay home and watch Dax while Dad took Mom to get a shot in her back. We played a nice little spelling game, it was fun. I would say the words and he would sound it out and spell it. He's getting really good at that. My boy, reading and writing! *steps off sisterly soapbox* Everything yesterday went pretty well. Same old, same old.

Work has been all right, though I'm beginning to feel more than a little bit worn out. The workload has been steadily increasing and we aren't able to catch up properly with the stuff we have to do every night, Last night it came really close, I finished exactly at 10. My boss keeps saying that we're going to be getting a new person soon, but he's been saying that for a month and, at this point, I am not inclined to believe him. I really wish it were true, though. I really do. The stress as our company has readjusted after layoffs has been incredible. Our department has been skipped over each time, but I'm afraid that, in a  way, that's both a good and bad thing. We were already "bare bones" crew as we were, then one of the girls left. Now there are just two of us, and it has become very stressful as gas prices have gone up and, thus, so has the workload. I'm starting to think it would be easier if I had just kept my job at Jim's and decided against this thing I've got going on now, but that's all in the past, I guess. I'll be looking around for a second job once this summer session is over. It couldn't hurt to make a little extra money over the summer, I suppose.

I'm starting to get pretty crabby with all of the construction work here at the house. I'm just thankful that the tile is finally being sealed and that part wil be done. I'll be able to walk into my bathroom (which will hopefully have a DOOR today or tomorrow, a whole week in which the bathroom either had the toilet relocated to the bathtub or there was no door! Can you imagine?) or bedroom without being yelled at for walking on the tile. However, immediately after that is over and finished, the painting begins and I won't be able to use my bathroom anyway, so whatever. I know it's going to look fantastic, but I can't wait for it to be over. Gah!

Speaking of crazy stuff, Luna has an appointment with the vet tomorrow at 10:30 am. She still has that swelling thing going on with her foot. I really don't have the money to do it, but honestly she can't wait. I feel really terrible, she needs to have something done. I just hope there's something that can be done for her, poor baby. I guess I'll update a bit more about that tomorrow.

Chris's birthday was yesterday. I dropped by the house after work and gave him his birthday gift. It was, of course THE woot shirt! I was so worried someone else would have gotten it for him and he'd be like "um I already have one..." but no, it was great. He even did this cute little dance, damn I wish I had had a video camera for that particular moment. Ah, well, I can just sit here and envision it in my head and the rest of you guys who weren't there to see it can be jealous of my enjoyment of his enjoyment. It was good, though. I had carrot cake that I actually liked for the first time in my ENTIRE life. Congratulations, Opal, you have a convert.

Okay, so the big topic for the recent time period: San Antonio Heathen meetup. Oh yeah, guess what project I'm getting into? That's right. Jerry and I are going to be trying to get something together to where local heathens can meet up. We've decided to do a lore discussion group and simply advertise that we're interested in meeting people who are also interested in heathenry/Asatru. We're definitely excited about it, or at least I am. The reason I'm wanting to do this is most of the people we're involved with live in Austin and are involved with Red Oak. There's not much here in San Antonio and there won't be unless we foster that sort of community-building feeling in some way or another. The inspiration actually kind of came up from Red Oak's meetups on every second Saturday, but I felt it was important to lend a bit more focus to my life through that, so we're considering doing lore study! Why? Because studying lore is great, and so is meeting new people... two great things that go great together!

More details about that are going up as soon as we have a "plan" ironed out. Most definitely, however, I'll be posting notes on the topics we're hoping to cover as things go on, so even if you can't manage to make it, there is the opportunity for discussion available. Again, more info on that later. Just wanting y'all to see the ideas that are rattling around inside my head about that.

Ah, so plans for this evening! After work, I'm going to see Year One with Mike and Joseph at the Alamo Drafthouse! Hooray!

Oh, and Dad came home ranting and raving about this video. Enjoy!

What's Your Ideal Career?
Your Career Type: Investigative
You are precise, scientific, and intellectual.
Your talents lie in understanding and solving math and science problems.

You would make an excellent:

Architect - Biologist - Chemist
Dentist - Electrical Technician - Mathematician
Medical Technician - Meteorologist - Pharmacist
Physician - Surveyor - Veterinarian

The worst career options for your are enterprising careers, like lawyer or real estate agent.

Ugh just to make me feel better, because work sucked butt.

Midsummer, and then some...
nerd knitting socks startrek
Well, last week went fairly well as far as classes go. I'm enjoying my chemistry class, and government... well, let's have a miniature rant about that right now, shall we?

Right, then. My government professor, as stated before, is a total power-tripping fool who honestly believes that the only component to most political discussions must, of course, be race-related. I get tired of the ridiculously long-winded and, in the end, trivial and pointless discussions about the fact that the Spanish had better just accept the fact that they were influenced by the Moors instead of spending the time they have trying to wipe it from the history books. Cool, this is Texas Government, dude, can we get over it now, please? There are so many other things we can discuss that are of actual interest to the subject at hand, rather than the ravings of a man who clearly has an inferiority complex due to the fact that he is of a "minority" ethnicity. That's just my hypothesis thus far, though, I'll probably spend the next four weeks trying to figure him out completely, though I'm hoping to not waste too terribly much time on it. Anyway, as if that was not enough, on Wednesday he decided to come straight out and tell the entire class that anyone who honestly believes that the southern states seceeded for any other reason than racial bigotry was either not educated enough to understand or, worse, was simply attempting to justify their own support for an inherently racist lifestyle.  There were, most certainly, other reasons such as states' rights being cast aside and the obvious economic alientation of the south that went into the decision to seceed, and that was what really made me upset. Here's the guy with the degrees telling his students that they need to be open to looking at things from different perspectives in order to see the truth, yet he is utterly incapable of it, himself. The tension in that classroom was intense all of Wednesday and most of Thursday, but when he announced he'd be teaching straight from the textbook all this week, I let out a huge sigh of relief and decided not to drop the class.

Friday went the same as always, things are really kind of hectic here with all of the tile going down and paint going up. I wish I could take a shower right now but a young man has been scraping paint texture off the walls in there for the past few hours, so I've decided not to be too worried about it. I'll just use Mom's shower in about half an hour or so. She isn't having her bathroom painted, seems like a pretty safe idea. :)

I have recently "met" a young man, who is interesting enough to be mentioned, I should think. I met him online and we're having interesting conversations thus far. He seems nice and we've been having discussions about our different religious beliefs and such. He's a Presbyterian. Now, I don't know too much about Christianity, which I don't mind too terribly much in general. However, it is interesting to see how alike we are in many ways even though some would say we are fundamentally different. I guess I'll be writing some more about what I learn about that from him as time goes on, I suppose.

Saturday was a phenomenal day, also. I'm going to be getting a Box Turtle! They come in this weekend to the pet store, I'm going to have to call and ask if he can hold a female for me. Maybe. I have to get a nice little pen thing set up outside for her. I'm incredibly excited, you have no idea! I've been wanting so much to keep a turtle as a pet for the very longest time and now... hooray! I'm hoping to get the pen nice and ready this weekend and as soon as I feel it is adequate for the little critter, I'll go make the purchase. I'm hoping to be able to wait until next Friday, because that's pay day, but if not I suppose that's all right, it's not too big of a deal. Hooray, turtles! I've done quite a bit of research on them and I've decided I'd rather have a female since I may be housing my friend Leona's female Three-Toed Box Turtle, Leila, during the times she is not hibernating in the winter because Leona is living in a loft apartment right now and does not have the adequate space a busy little turtle needs to dig and have tons of turtley fun! Anyway, the reason why this is important is that turtles, believe it or not, have a voracious sex drive, or at leas the males do, and it is suggested to have multiple females per each male for breeding reasons because the poor girls can get a bit tuckered out from all of that attention (I would, too!) and it would be better to have multiple females and perhaps add in a male later, if you wish to breed them, which I don't right now. 

Sunday was just fantastic. I'd like to thank everyone at Red Oak for being there and being awesome! Ah, I don't even know quite where to begin properly! I woke up really early on Sunday and got to cooking my cobblers, I made one blueberry and one cherry. It has just occurred to me that I completely forgot to take pictures. They were kind of pretty. Anyway, here are the ingredients for a small cobbler (mine was just double these):
  • 1 cup milk
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1 cup self-rising flour
  • 1 cup your fruit of choice (you can get them canned like I did for Sunday because I couldn't find some good-looking fresh blueberries and cherries need to be pitted and if you decide to go with peaches but not canned, you have to boil them first to get them softened and then peel them, just fyi!)
Anyway, just mix all of those ingredients up, preheat the oven to 350 and pop it in for about 20-30 minutes for the smaller ones (1 cup of each ingredient) or 45-60 minutes for the larger (2 cups of each ingredient). That, my friends, is my great-grandmother's cobbler recipe.

For the ones I made for Sunday, I actually did not put in a full cup of milk exactly. What I did was I drained out the syrup from the canned fruit and put about half a cup of that in the measuring cup, then filled it up to 2 cups and voila! Nice and tasty. If you are a fan of molasses, my father does this same thing with his cobblers with molasses instead of fruit syrup.

While my cobblers were baking, I mixed up some fantastic chicken salad like the one recipe I posted a little while back for Jerry and Jackie, which they loved despite what they thought it would be like. The only thing different is iI used real mayonnaise and did not add apple, as we did not have any, unfortunately. While we were eating, Dax made the cutest sign! He wanted to have a party like the one we were going to in Austin, poor baby! I would have taken him if it hadn't been for the really short notice and the fact that my dad may not be too pleased with it. I'd hate to upset him or anything in regards to his child's upbringing. I don't think it would affect him so much, I just thought he'd have fun with the other kids. Anyway, here's a picture haha! It says "There Parte At Night' So cute! I took me quite some time to explain go him that I was not kidding, night had a "gh" in it. He was adamant that it wasn't true, poor English-speaking child! He spelled the rest of it out with me sounding it out while I cooked, I'm incredibly proud!

Anyway, after that, we were off! It took us a little while to get up to Austin and we had been running late, anyway, but that was okay. We stopped and got ice cream for the cobbler (and when we got to Jay and Jenn's we found out Ramona had provided some, d'oh!), but we weren't too terribly late getting there. There were a lot of people I didn't know present, it was interesting to see some new people! 

Scott and his wife were there, though they nearly didn't make it. We did a faining to Sunna, in which I was asked to asperge people. I was so worried about smacking someone in the face or flinging mead (which dries pretty stickily) on someone's glasses. I did okay, though, I'd like to think, hahaha! This is the point at which Scott and Michelle entered, which was totally okay. It was good to finally meet her, I've heard so much about her! She seemed very upset at first, apparently having a pretty bad day, but after a whlie she lightened up and was very fun and interesting!

Anyway, after the faining part was complete, we all kind of split up. Jay and most of the men-folk went out to be manly and grill the meat, yar, yar, and girls and kids stayed inside to do... CRAFT TIME! I really wish I had thought to get pictures of everyone's, but we decided it would be fun to have the kids make sun emblems to celebrate midsummer. Everyone's looked absolutely fantastic and I found out that my little brother is not the only little boy who seems to be very interested in Ariel from the Little Mermaid. It was cute. :)

Anyway, here's my sun emblem. I think the pom-poms look fabulous! It also took me a little while to realize that the 's' at the bottom there... is upside down. I feel like I'm back in kindergarten again, that's for sure, hahaha! Anyway, not that big of a deal, and it was tons of fun. We all had a blast doing that, adults and kids alike. Or, at least I hope so. I think so, at least. I don't think the older kids had as much fun as I did, which is kind of weird. Oh, well.

Then we ate! Woohoo for food! It was fantastic. We had brats, corn on the cob (it was actually steamed by soaking the corn for an hour still in the husk and then put on the grill. Very interesting to take out afterwards, as Jenn's fingers are well aware, but soooo delicious), these interesting, spicy patty things that Christine made. They were good, but I can't tell what they were. I figure since they're vegetarian and gluten-free, there's nothing in them that would be not good. I actually forgot most of everything else... oh wait! Berries! We had trays of all sorts of berries, it was wonderful! :) Strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, and a bowl of delicious cherries! I had to make sure not to eat too many of those, since that seems to have a nasty intestinal fortitude side-effect on some people.

Cobbler seemed to be quite well-received, though there were an awful lot of dessert items. Next time I'll think of something more practical and less fattening such as squash or some other vegetable dish. Or maybe macaroni salad. I've never made that and I  love macaroni salad. I was actually kind of sad, though, they weren't incredibly warm or anything anymore by the time we had them. Next time, something cold because it's easier to keep something cold than it is to keep something warm.

We then had sumbel, which was very community-constructive, as usual. Considering there were a lot of people there who were new, I was happy to get to know them in new and interesting ways. One gentleman had brought a bottle of mead he had brewed himself and, my oh my, was that stuff fantastic!  I made sure to hail Frigga since Aiden is due in a little over a week. Ah, I'm so excited! I'm not done with his blanket yet, I messed up a week or so ago and haven't had the umph to go in and fix it yet. I will, I will. It's a pretty big mess up, though. I only have to fix two rows or so, which is not so bad, so maybe it'll be okay. One third of the mess up has been fixed, so I've got my fingers crossed it will go smoothly after that little hiccup. I also did so for Gefjon, because at this point in time I look back and think "oh I am so happy I didn't marry him". Which is good. I'm not ready to be married, I'm too busy being cool all by myself. I do it so good I don't need nobody else. What's happenin'? What's up? Ah, I like that song.

Right, after that brief commercial break... it was a long drive home. There was terrible traffic on I-35 through Austin due to road closures from construction. Ack! When we did get home last night, I went straight to bed.

I was feeling sick this morning and skipped class. I'm feeling well enough to go to work, though, so that's what I'm going to go do... Somebody's got a case of the Mondays....