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If only you could hear it live...


Wow, so much has gone on!
I'm such a horrible blogger, I should not have taken so long to update.

Things are going well. I have decided to go back to school and get my CNA. I will begin on 8 March so that is so incredibly exciting. I hope to be working by the end of April, which will be really good for several reasons. First of all, it wouldn't hurt our financial situation. Second, I think I need to keep some more outside interests because I'm starting to depend on Chris as my only outlet and support structure and, well, that's not working out for us very well. Third, it'll get my mother off my back about going back to school. I'm hoping that this move into the health field will give me the perspective I need to reevaluate my decision about nursing. Was I being too emotional? Did I make the right choice? Hopefully, all of these questions will be answered when I start working in a patient care field and get my bearings on how I, as a (sometimes) more emotionally stable adult, can cope with the work and find out if it's really for me. That's the plan, at any rate. Fingers crossed and here's to hoping that all of that goes well!

In other news, I have filed my income tax. I expect my return to come in tomorrow, wouldn't it be so exciting to have money again? It's going to have to stretch until my birthday. Oh wow I just checked my bank account and, well, it's already here. Yay! We should be able to do a fair amount of grocery shopping, then. I will also have some money to pay on my credit card and make my payments until May, which is absolutely great. I am not intending to go nuts with my money, but it is nice to know that I have some. I also plan to go clothes shopping and get myself some new pants and shirts and stuff since I seem to have... ahem... "outgrew" them.

I am not pleased with the amount of weight gain I have experienced lately. I went to go see the doctor on the fifth and things are going well. I expressed my extreme displeasure at having to go another round of bra shopping after starting the pill again, despite no change in my habits whatsoever. If anything, I'm living a healthier lifestyle now than I did before! Anyway, he felt sad for me and gave me a prescription for LoSeasonique as opposed to the Seasonique I am taking now. I have had absolutely no problems with breakthrough bleeding with this pill, but I have read online and seen that many women have complained of breasts getting huge quickly as a result and I'm afraid this has happened to me. I am concerned about starting the LoSeasonique because the Loestrin did not do very well because I have essentially two uteri that need the hormones to bring them under control. Lower dosages increases my risk of just making my period really, really angry and mean. High dosages make me gain weight, though, so that on top of the PCOS just sucks ass. I am going to start taking the new pill after this pack runs out, so I hope everything works out. He said that I have to call and make another appointment in three months if the Lo version is working out, and he will have all of my glucose and insulin tests done then. Then we can talk about getting me on some medication that will help me shred some of this poundage. It's just nuts, I've gained nearly 50 pounds in 6 months after going I don't even know how long being the same weight. Perhaps being on my feet and going to school again will help. It'll be more active, at least.

So, I finished the socks for Chris and gave them to him on Valentine's Day after we went to Sea Island. He loves them and they fit him perfectly. I'm so happy they worked out. I have finished the blankets for Will's little daughters, we just need to call and ask about when I need to ship them to them. I hope they like them, they were an enjoyable project and I loved the pattern. Right now, it's time for the Ravelympics. It's so exciting. So far, I have unwound three projects that I needed to reclaim the yarn from. I have made two baby hats and a set and a half of baby booties. I am working on the blanket for James's expected son and some socks that I'm making for Zach. I hope those socks will just knit themselves, I hate them. It's not so much the pattern itself, it's the materials I'm using. I'm using Ella Rae Classic Superwash wool for them and oh my goodness is that stuff scratchy as hell! GAH! I hope he likes them and I absolutely will finish them in time for the Ravelympics to be finished. However, in the meantime, I'm going to be working on the blanket because it's so quick even with the tedious number of stitches! I have also managed to get several people interested in the knit-and-crochet-along on MW. We are going to be making a market bag. I'm excited, I've never made a bag before.

Here's a list of the patterns:
Baby Hat
Baby Booties
Baby Blanket
Market Bag- Knit
Market Bag- Crochet

I'm not interested in posting pictures right now, I'm feeling rather "bleh". Part of it must be because Chris is sick, which makes me in kind of a wonky mood. I hope he gets to feeling better, poor dear. Dax is going to come over tomorrow night, I'm excited about it I haven't seen him in a while. It should be a fun weekend.

Oh, I almost forgot! We have been getting into Redbox a lot lately since we cannot seem to find Battlestar Galactica Season 4.5 on DVD anywhere in town, we are going to have to order it online. We ended up watching Black Dynamite last night. It was really funny, I'm glad Chris convinced me to see it. We also went to Chili's last night, they're having a really cool special right now where you get to choose from a list of entrees and a list of appetizers and you get both for $9.99. It ended up being a pretty good deal since most of the entrees listed are regularly about $8 and some of the appetizers are much more expensive on top of that. I ended up getting a half rack of baby back ribs and some of their southwest eggrolls. It was really good and a pretty large meal for the price. I was a bit disappointed in their vegetable offerings, though. All they had was steamed broccoli and shaved carrots. I would expect them to have more of a variety, but oh well. My only regret is that I got sick in the parking lot on the way to the car, ugh.