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If only you could hear it live...


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Busy busy busy!
nerd knitting socks startrek
I have been quite the busy bee both yesterday and today. Mostly, just trying to get the house in order. It is much better than it was a few hours ago, and much better than it was yesterday morning, that's for sure! Other than that, not much has really been going on. Both days have been pretty good ones, no weird irrational outbursts. I really think that it helps me to be more active and get things done around here. I feel accomplished for today, even though not everything has been done.

One really great thing that happened yesterday is Chris cut out the first sock blocker. After quite a bit of sanding on the edges, we determined that said blocker would not fit on the socks I made for Mike, as his socks are a little bit baggy due to my, admittedly, fledgling pattern-writing skills, especially when it comes to socks. They look great, though, and I actually finished them today.

Speaking of socks, I cast on for the January Mystery Sock with some Patons I have in my stash, it should look pretty good but the problem is that I'm not sure the gauge will be quite right. I have enough time between now and then to frog and try something else, though, if it comes down to it. I also have some extra Patons in the color I used for Dax's socks, so perhaps that will be okay for heel and toe. I still have not started Zack's socks, but I figure I can get those done in February during... dun dun dun! Ravelymics. I have joined a team, hooray! I'm hoping to get quite a bit done in February. January was only so-so as far as getting stuff done.

So, yesterday I was here at home and I noticed this pink-frosted strawberry white cake. It looked wonderful. I wondered and pondered where it could have come from. I relived the entire night before trying to remember if it had been there all along but, no, couldn't figure it out. I talk to Chris and implore him to end my suffering and ask our roommate, Charles, where this freaking cake came from. His response was, "Oh, yeah, Darrell brought that for us. I told you this morning but you kind of went 'ugh' and fell asleep again." *facepalm* It was a good cake, though rather frostingful for my taste.

Tonight, as we game with Family Fun Friday participants, we shall snack upon marvelous Frito pie and laugh a little too hard. I hope it's better than the casserole I made last night, Chris and Charles liked it but I couldn't get the lemony taste out of my head. I actually only had a tiny can of tuna and asked Chris and Charles to run to the store and grab one more can and some onions because, well, we use way too many of them not to need more. They came back with the aforementioned items and also Julie and Julia. I've been wanting to watch that movie SO badly, but couldn't get an opportunity. It's sitting on my dining room table and I still haven't watched it I've been so busy today. I'm excited about it and will post a hideously long, squee-filled review the moment I've watched it. I have started reading the book, so once I finish it I will also do a book comparison blog entry. I am also a little bit obsessed with Julia Child, so this should be fascinating.

That will probably not end up being tomorrow, since Chris and I have dinner and fun with the Congregation of Divine Providence, since he's one of their associates. I like them, they're a neat group of ladies. I had hoped to discuss something with one of the Sisters about perhaps doing a Socks for Soldiers knitting group with them, since I know quite a number of them do knit. That wouldn't be bad.

Ha, and you thought you could get away with no pictures this time, did you? Chris made (or, rather, recolored the template and added my username) a new ravatar for Ravelry for the Ravelympics, bwahahaha. I will try to make it as big as possible without it looking hideously stretched with nasty pixels hanging out all over the place. Okay, yeah, it doesn't get bigger. The team name is Battlestar Kickasstica. This is going to be really fun, be forewarned you will have lots of information about this flooding this page come 12 February or so. :)