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If only you could hear it live...


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The Nightmare is Back...
nerd knitting socks startrek
Today was a rather uneventful day, sort of. Chris and I have discussed it, and Neko is going to be relegated to the bathroom once again. She has spent so much time there, perhaps it was a mistake to bring her out, it must have been overwhelming. She did fairly well up until a month and a half ago or so, and then she just all of a sudden spiraled more and more out of control. She will be happier in a place that is most definitely her territory, undisturbed and not in battle with me. I hope that this decision will put everyone in a happier place. Also, Chris and I plan to take out the bathtub unit in that bathroom and replace it with a standing shower. I hope to put cabinets and shelves along the other side, since there's a mini wall jutting out to stabilize the current bathing facility and there would be space between the wall on either side. May as well get myself a decent linen cabinet out of the deal, yes? I'm also hoping it will make the bathroom appear more spacious, since it currently does not feel very big. I also think some brighter coloring and decent paint will also help to remedy that situation, of course, but one thing at a time and there's no point in painting if we're going to be doing major rippage.

Chris got out of work at one or so, I picked him up from his half day. He really needed it, stuff at work and with me is kind of out of whack right now. On the me side of things, it's completely my fault and I feel terrible about it. I tend to take out my frustration on whatever is available and, well, he's always available. There has been considerably more frustration lately with Neko pee all over everything and money woes, which I don't contribute much to, image issues, etc.

So much going on and, to make things worse, I would like to elaborate on something I mentioned before about issues with a certain person rearing their ugly head into our lives and making things difficult for us once again. It's actually hit the fan now, so instead of explaining it I would like to post a series of links that give the story and just say that I know this person, she is not a good person. She is crazy and I personally hope that she gets the mental help she needs, because I know that she has been messed up for at least a few years, which would put her in the child category when at least the things I knew of came about. I know for a fact that this girl is an incredible liar, I have been lied to by her and have witnessed her ability to manipulate others. It's incredible, and if she cannot be helped in a mental facility, I truly believe that she is dangerous. So, links will be posted and that's all I have to say about that because, honestly, it's something that hurts my heart to think about. Be careful, the information contained especially on E.D. is rather graphic. Don't say I didn't warn you.

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On to happier things! Christopher's socks are doing magnificently well!The gusset is done and I'm about halfway down the foot. Here are pictures! I got pretty frustrated with it earlier today and let loose an incredible string of swear words and insults at a series of three unmanageable dropped stitches, but all are back in place and being worked very quickly. I was afraid that I hadn't decreased the gusset enough but, upon trying it on my own foot, was pleased to see it rather baggy. This is really good since my feet are narrow and his are not, it's enough to accommodate his gargantuan feet. My reasoning was justified, since the sock did fit him, hooray!


I am very pleased with them. I also wanted to mention, in a small way, that I have, in fact, decided to cast on for the Sock Knitter's Anonymous January 2010 Mystery Sock. I couldn't help it, they're so pretty! No beads, though, I solemnly swear. Even better, I do plan to finish Mike's socks tomorrow and block them on Friday, because... dun dun dun! Chris is making me sock blockers! They're made with Lexan and, well, pictures! They're not cut out, obviously, but he has the forms traced out and will cut the rough shapes tomorrow. We just have to sand them down and make them pretty-like. I know you're asking "Why eight?". I need sock blockers in three sizes and it's easier to trace and cut out the largest ones and trace down to size, and an extra two in case we mess up too badly!