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If only you could hear it live...


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Chore Wars!
This morning, as I had my wonderful breakfast of oatmeal, I decided to surf around Ravelry. I had seen the topic of "Chore Wars" on the message board of the Ravelrousing Housewives group, but thought nothing of it other than assuming it was some sort of rant at someone's lazy husbeat and/or children. Today, armed with the bane of children's breakfast items, I opened the link... and oh my gosh I'm so happy I did! It's all about a website called Chore Wars and the group had created a party there. I clicked the link and made my character. Basically, the idea is that it's an RPG spoof in which all instances are actually just representations of chores you do around the house. Each chore gives different experience in different areas. Some chores are more intellectual things, others are comprise mainly of elbow grease. Each chore is given different stat modifiers, so whenever you level up your stats change (how cool). Each family or group (called a party) has a DM who adds chores and their benefits and everyone claims them, gets items, experience, gold, etc. I spent all morning running around and doing stuff and got a lot done, it's a great motivator. I talked to Chris about it and now I almost regret joining the ravelry group because it would be really great to have a party to represent our family and just see what we can get done!

So hooray, I just wanted to plug this a bit. I decided to spend a little bit of time with the Wii Fit today after about half of the chores I had planned were finished. When I stepped on, I was flinching because I knew that I hadn't been active since before the holidays (I know, I'm bad!) but, good news! I lost ten pounds! I did the step workout with the extra step booster and that was really great. My legs kind of hurt a little bit, which is kind of sad since I shouldn't be tired from the little workout I did. However, it is better than nothing, right? Oh! Note to the wise: Do not weigh yourself on the balance board while the little step enhancer is underneath, it makes you weigh like six pounds less.

Sock Knitter's Anonymous has a new sockdown coming up for February and ooooh am I ready. I am so excited to start on some of those unloved patterns. I just hope I can be one of the first fifteen to claim them! I am still rather unsure as to whether or not I want to cast on the SKA January 2010 Mystery Sock, it looks so wonderful. I wish I had some beads, but alas, I do not! As the time approaches, I will keep thinking about it. Even if not for the January sockdown, they are wonderful looking socks and definitely worth a try. Okay, so the rest of the day did not end up so well. I turned around for only a few moments and came back to find this:

This is the yarn that I had painstakingly wound into a cake after Marmalade kind of chewed through it, detaching the WIP sock from the skein. I decided to abandon the sock, frog it, cake it, and use the rest of the skein for a sock redo for Chris. It seems like the fuss never ends with yarn, seriously! It took me forever to untangle the stuff and I ended up having to cut and tie like four knots in the teeny tiny cake. Maybe, since I have a lot more yarn than the pattern needs, I won't even have to use this stuff and I can just throw the little cake in with the rest of my scrap sock yarn, that way it'll be at least okay for some scrappy socks where a lot of joins are expected. *crosses fingers*

While I was unknotting and winding, Chris and I started talking. I was already in a rather foul mood with all of this going on and I got rather spiteful and nasty with him. Chris and I have very different ways of organizing our activities. He just jumps into this, that, and the other and it tends to take quite some time to get the first thing finished. It frustrates me because I tend to prioritize and work on one thing at a time, so it seems like everything I do gets done relatively quickly. The problem this has created is that I have no space in the house. Chris had bought the house and moved his things in long before I came along and so all of the storage space he has available is currently in use. As such, even though I have a room with a closing door to keep my knitting stuff in, I have nowhere to put it once it's in there. That's the main issue that was at the core of me being such a nasty bitch about the whole thing. I did calm down and we got some stuff worked out and I think it'll be okay. I hope.

So, I decided not to go to the San Antonio Fiber Junkies meeting tonight simply because there was just too much going on, so I decided to stay home and make dinner. While I was getting ready to cook, after Chris got home, I see our cat Neko up on the table, on top of the blanket I made for Julie. She peed on it. She can't have access to our room so she goes and finds the only thing that has spent enough time with me out in the living room and actually gets on the dining room table to piss on it. That's how obsessed that damn cat is with proving that this is HER house. Chris was pissed, I'm not sure what's going to happen to her now. She's in the bathroom, I'm considering getting a cat box and some food and leaving her in there indefinitely. She lived that way for eight years and did much better there than she is out here. I just don't understand how this has happened. My cat was a perfectly well behaved animal, and still is now that she's adjusted to her new living space. Neko, on the other hand, is just completely nuts. That's all I can think of, really. Thank goodness the blanket is acrylic and is in the washing machine right now. I had to wash it to get it blocked, anyway, so two birds with one stone I guess.

Dinner was good. I made grilled pork chops with sauteed onions and green beans. Fantastic, I think next time I'll prepare a bit more and marinate the chops overnight in an applesauce/barbecue/brown sugar mixture and see how that turns out, it does sound very good. I hope it is. Right now, we are finishing off Battlestar Galactica season 4.0.

It must be 9 pm, I can hear the taps from Lackland AFB. It's really rather soothing.