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If only you could hear it live...


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Cheap Pizza Monday (plus some)
So, it's been a little bit since I last posted, but that's okay. Friday went really well, though only a couple of people showed up. We played Kerplunk, Jenga, and Scattergories. No Munchkin, strangely enough. A good time was had by all, I think, and Family Fun Fridays is starting to become more than just a coincidence. Hooray! We went to bed at an ungodly late hour, which was a bit sucky, but would not have been bad if we didn't have to go to the Mizuumi convention meeting at McDonald's with Darrell on Saturday morning. The meeting went really well and a ton of great ideas were tossed around. I'm not a huge fan of anime, but I'm sure those who are are going to love it. There are going to be tons of guests and panels that even I will find interesting, it's almost a shame I'm going to be working for the majority of the convention. Who knows, maybe I'll be able to catch something interesting. Also of note, Mike's socks are nearly complete and Darrell was very impressed with my socking skills. I'm hoping to have them completed and blocked before Friday, in case Mike comes around.

The rest of the day, on the other hand, was the fun event of the season! You will see the sarcasm very shortly in all of its viscous glory. I decide to call my mother, she is a bit upset and, long story short, a person we never thought we would ever have to see or hear from ever again reared their ugly head into our lives once again and shook quite a bit up. Thankfully, it was possible to get away from all of the tension to go pick up Alanna from the movie theater. She is eleven, granted, but swears that everyone will love The Vampire's Assistant, even me. I'm not so sure, though, as I refuse to hear anything about that damned Twilight series. Funny thing is, though, we went to WalMart after picking her up to pick up some paper towels and other household needs. While there, we found ourselves in the Barbie aisle. Check this out:


They even came out with the Edward Cullen Barbie doll. Isn't that incredible! The greatest part? If you take him under the light, he does sparkle with glitter that is embedded in the skin of his plastic "hot bod". Also, one of the things I noticed while I was there is that Ken now has that whole flippy-banged emo/scene hairdo. When I was a kid, Ken had hair that wasn't even individual strands, it was just sculpted painted plastic. I just find it incredibly interesting how much Barbie is changing with the times, I guess. I feel so old for saying that, though. I was standing in the aisle and remarking on that and a middle-aged woman walks up behind me, contemplating it also, and says, "Yeah, I totally get what you mean. Things have changed a lot!" and takes her cart and walks off. I'm not entirely sure about how I feel about that comment, though.

Then, we went to Nine Lives Bookstore. It's a really great store with lots of selection and the owner, Suzanne, is a really neat lady. She works very hard for the things she cares about and I have very great respect for her, not to mention she has a wonderful sense of humor, as well. While there, Alanna found some books in the Alanna series. She quite likes them, and I found it amusing that she found some young adult novels with her name on them, literally. We couldn't find anymore books in The Vampire Diaries series for her. I found as many of them for her for Christmas/ Yule as I could, but unfortunately this collection did not include the first book so it's a bit frustrating having to wait. While there, Chris bought me a copy of The Frugal Gourmet Cooks American. It's very interesting, and I quite like what I've seen of the chef, though I have not had the chance to cook anything out of it yet. I also picked up a copy of Zen and the Art of Knitting, it looks very interesting. I've only read the first two pages or so but it's already very good. I'll update when I finish reading it, though, of course.

So, we went back to Mom and Dad's and spent the evening with them. It was pretty good and most of the stress was over by the time we got there. Dad was just itching to play Munchkin Bites. We had gone over and played the original Munchkin game with them and Dad loved it so much, he went out and bought Munchkin Bites! and its expansion pack. We played two games, it was cool. It was me, Dad, Alanna, Chris, and Jakob joined in the second game. The kids liked it quite a bit, too, I think. Dad obviously likes it pretty well, which is good because it's something a group of people can play vs. a single-player interest. By the time came to go, I went to go see my mom. She was watching this show called Silent Library on MTV. It's hysterical, I'd recommend watching it.

When we got home, my back was hurting fairly badly. I got Alanna set up for bedtime and climbed into bed, only to find that one of the cats had peed on my side of the bed. I went into sobbing hysterics, it's just too much stress. Chris was very helpful and got the bedding washed and dried for me, he's such a sweetheart. We also made plans to swap out doors so we can have one that actually closes. He set it up yesterday and it works very well, and it's great to be able to go somewhere and have a little bit of peace, you know? Not that I really mind being bothered by the cats most of the time, it's just it's important for me to be able to go somewhere quiet without the possibility of being pounced upon. While Chris was doing that, I started on the blanket for Jade. I haven't worked on it at all today so this is all that's been done on it (about 20%):


Yes, it looks quite a bit like the blanket I made for Christopher's mom, but it's not. The green is the same, but it's pink on the other stripes, not light purple. It was really soothing while I sat up and waited for my back pain to cease and/or sleepy time. 

Sunday, Chris found out that a student at OLLU had passed away. Chris didn't know him too terribly well, but our friend Eric did and he was pretty upset. He and Chris went to Mass at the Lake and I stayed home with Alanna and made dinner after her parents came to pick her up. I made roasted chicken with an adapted recipe from Roasting by Barbara Kafka. I found the book very cheap at Half Price Books months ago while Christmas shopping and only now have just used it. I think my aversion to using it comes directly from the fact that I think "Roasting Kafka" every time I see the spine of the book. Silly reason, but there it is. I'm glad I did use it, the chicken came out really well! I was really pleased with it and I'm glad I threw in the onions and diced tomatoes, it really added to the flavor. She has really good instructions on really good roast meats, vegetables, etc and it's written very simply and without the hooplah that many cookbooks can have.

After dinner, I decided to make some changes to the I Love You socks. I know, I know, I said I wouldn't and that I'd make socks for me, but I realized that I wasn't so far into the pattern that it'd be a total waste of time and I have until the end of February to finish them. So, I frogged and went all the way back to the beginning. I changed the pattern to include a cast on of 80 stitches as opposed to 72 and used size 2 US needles for the ribbing, 2.5 for the leg and foot. It's coming along quite nicely (and quickly) now, and I am pleased to post an update picture which includes proof that it will fit onto Christopher's foot and leg. :)

I like using the larger needles not only because it allows the sock to actually fit, but because it makes it get to the specified length just a little bit more quickly. I have been working on the sock all of today and it's coming along very nicely. I have just one more repetition of the pattern in the leg and then I will be at the heel flap, which is precisely where I was when I frogged. Chris sent me a message letting me know that he had found a way to get Scout fixed for very cheap next Monday, so we'll see how that goes. Very soon, if all works out, we will have two baby cats in need for rehoming. He also downloaded the Battlestar Gallactica soundtracks for me, they are quite excellent. Who would have thought Gata could sing so well? We're almost to the end of the 4.0 set so you'll probably hear me mope a bit about not being able to find 4.5 here in a week or two.

Other than that, not much of interest has occurred today other than Cheap Pizza Monday at Papa John's. I decided to change things up a bit and asked Chris to get me a sausage pizza with little sauce. Good, much better than my typical mushroom fare.

Now, Chris is totally flipping out because I kind of moved his W-2 when I was getting ready for Family Fun Friday and now he can't find it... :(