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If only you could hear it live...


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Sock it to me?!?!?!
nerd knitting socks startrek
Okay, so quite a few things have been going on the last few days, weeks, months, but I will begin with the fact that I am knitting socks. Yes, plural. I have tried pattern after pattern and resorted to making up my own, even. The first pair of socks were made with the pattern Thuja, which worked out all right if it wasn't for the fact I had used quite the wrong yarn. Cotton yarn lacks the elasticity needed to spring back after being stretched over the foot. These socks were for Christopher.

First Socks

As you can see, they turned out all right. I just wish they didn't have such a problem with the stretchiness. I made them on Boye size 7 US dpns. Perhaps they'll shrink in the wash, we shall see. After I made these, I worked on another pair of Thuja socks, this time in wool yarn. Due to the elasticity of the yarn, I thought it best to use Yarn Bee size 6 US needles and see how that went. The first was... okay. There was a bit of a similar problem with the bagginess caused by over-stretching. The second ended up being very tight and, upon trying it on myself before it was finished, it became an UGH! project on Ravelry. They also look quite a bit like giant bruises.

The funny thing is I considered finishing the second one and ripping back the first and remaking it for me, but by that time I was so BLAH about it I didn't even care and they lay in a grocery bag, awaiting their sad fate of the yarn ball winder and me having absolutely nothing to do with the disappointing yarn.

The next pair of socks, I made for Mr. Dax. I called Mom and she told me that his feet are eight inches long. Are you kidding me, my feet are eight and three quarters, almost nine! The child is six years old and I'm twenty. He will be a veritable giant, I'm sure. They turned out incredibly well! The pattern (kf you wish to clicky click, please be advised you need to sign up for a free membership to look up the free patterns) was very easy and the yarn was very unique and I really like the striping it produced, it was very interesting! They were just a teensy too well fitting, the next ones will be made in the large size instead of medium so he will hopefully have a few weeks of growing room!


However, despite my complaints they were my very first socks done in fingering weight yarn and to have fit without being infuriatingly large or small. I still have some of the yarn left so I am looking forward to perhaps making some baby socks for a certain special baby boy whose first birthday is this summer.

After these socks, I began to write my own patterns for socks and came up with these for Mike. The pattern is listed in Ravelry, if anyone is interested I wouldn't mind sharing! I discovered that the issue was not necessarily my knitting but rather the fact that everything is bigger in Texas, including insteps. The problem was that the socks would not stretch well enough to slip over the huge insteps of pretty much anyone, so I had to write a pattern that was very close to the average ankle circumference but would stretch to accommodate the instep-heel measurement. So, I rewrote a pattern to fit these criteria and it went pretty well. My only problem is that it eats up quite a bit of yarn. The only thing I'd like to change is bring them in closer and tighter around the foot. They are very baggy around my feet, but then again my feet are narrow and short, so please excuse the photo as I am modeling them! I have not finished the second sock, dear I hope I don't have second sock syndrome, and our friend Zach liked them so much that he tried them on and told me that since they were so great if I'd make him some he'd pay me for them. Hooray! This means that, since he and Chris have such similar feet, I can use this as an excuse to go ahead and try to find a pattern that makes me happy and fits Chris very well. I hope.

So, now I come to the very end of my socky tale. For Valentine's Day for Christopher, I decided to make him Escalator Socks in some really awesome yarn called Lumberjack Tweed. Could anything be more manly sounding? Well, I was also working it as a part of the Sock Knitter's Anonymous group January 2010 Sockdown. It's a good theme this month and I liked the pattern, needed to make something for Chris. Well, I have since begun the heel flap and tried it on me before doing so... it barely fit me, so apparently I am going to have some lumberjack socks because there is no way I am going to frog back after all of that work. I shortened the leg with this knowledge and hopefully will have the first sock done very soon.

The yarn is very interesting, though I'm not sure I like the little tweedy bits, to be honest. They look like little lint balls and I'm just itching to pluck them off. Blech! I have two other skeins of the stuff to use for the socks I have planned for Charles's birthday present, so we shall see.

Everything else is going well, and as a treat I would like to present to you, my reader, an awesome bit of sock giggles:

Hehe that makes me laugh so hard every time, enjoy! (Oh, and while typing up this blog entry I was watching Star Trek: The Next Generation season 3 episode 23: Sarek. It was cool seeing Spock's dad go totally emotionally crazy.

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Cool socks ^_^ I particularly like the yarn for the 4th and 5th pairs (okay, the 5th is a to-be pair, but still), and my guess is that the 5th pair will be my favorite of the group :)

The last is actually one of my favorite patterns and it's not too terribly difficult, really. It creates a cool escalator zig zag along the leg and down the front of the foot (not that I'm that far yet, but hey) and the fourth is actually not my favorite at all. I've had much better feeling wool blends in my hands, this is actually pretty rough.

I totally forgot about yarn textures ^_^ I usually have a more encompassing thinking style than that.

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