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If only you could hear it live...


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So much new going on, it's incredible!
nerd knitting socks startrek
So, it seems I have dropped off the face of the livejournal planet once again. That's all right, though. Rather than go on and on updating everything that has gone on, I'm just going to list pretty much the major events of the past few months.
  • I started dating the most awesome man in the world and have moved in with him, still in the process of moving my things over. 
  • I became very ill and had to withdraw from school, which horrified my parents beyond all reason and, of course, they are still very, very upset with me about it.
  • I am currently looking for a job because I stupidly resigned from my position at P2 and did not have a firm hold on the other job offer I supposedly had, which of course went down the drain.
  • Lunie's foot is doing quite a bit better, however this is after several vet visits which eventually revealed that she has two infections in her foot. One is resistant to the antibiotic she got at first. The other is resistant to the other antibiotic another vet gave her. Now, she is on both and finally recovering!
So, after all of that, let's dive in to what is pretty much on my mind lately. Yesterday was a lot of fun! Chris, Charles, and I went to play miniature golf at Malibu Grand Prix with Joseph and Mike. They had awesome costumes. We, of course, did not. I'm not really big on Halloween costumes and such. Then, we came home and handed out candy to the trick-or-treaters. We had about ten or so, it was mildly disappointing. I think it may be due to the fact that, due to the recent unprecedented rain, our front yard has begun to appear quite frightening, and not in the cool Halloween type of way. Of course, there was the very serious part of the holiday, for me. I went out and bought blank cards for each of the people in my family who have passed away to whom I was very close and went home and wrote a letter for each of them, setting it outside with a candle for them to peruse and read all night. Just to see how much they are missed and how life is going for those they have left behind, I guess. I know it's not really a Heathen holiday exactly, but old habits die hard and it is venerating my ancestors, so I figure no one should mind.

i have been working on a really great project lately. I'm making a huge blanket for our bed, it is green and black. It's pretty much done, just another week or so of work. I'll definitely post pictures when it is finished. I am crocheting it, which is really great. I haven't worked on a crochet project in a very long time, so this is really refreshing. It's going by really quickly, it's just row after row of double crochet. I do have plans for Christmas/Yule projects that involve home-made things so I'm definitely looking forward to sharing those, as well!

Today has been rather hectic. I woke up this morning and was worried about waking up too late, but then realized that I was mistaken due to ridiculous Daylight Savings! I absolutely hate that, it throws me off completely. Then, I waited around for Chris to wake his sleepy booty up and we went shopping at Good Will. I didn't find anything and got frustrated with looking so I'll go back tomorrow since I have to go to the grocery store, anyway, which is across the street. Chris found an anime model that's worth quite a bit of money for very cheap so he's wanting to put it on ebay. Then, we went grocery shopping and got all of the food we're going to need for the next week and a half or so. I'm excited about it! We also got some new bake ware, which is good because I quite love baking foods and not just desserts! We also got a pie pan for Charles for Christmas. I think he'll be incredibly happy to get it and we'd enjoy eating all of the delicious things he makes in it!

Then, we got home and I made Shepherd's Pie. It's an easy recipe. Somehow, I guess the person who wrote the recipe has a different concept of a large potato than I do because I ended up with not enough potatoes and some of the peas decided to surface of their own accord! It's going to taste incredibly good with some pumpernickel bread! So, here's the picture:

Anyway, it is dinner time and I am going to run off and go eat some delicious Shephard's Pie!

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Whoo, big stuff!

Here's to hoping you get a new, great job soon!
That's unfortunate that you dropped out of school; hopefully you'll be able to return sooner rather than later :)
Hope everything works out well with your new relationship! And glad to hear Lunie's on the mend :)

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