Wow, so much has gone on!

I'm such a horrible blogger, I should not have taken so long to update.

Things are going well. I have decided to go back to school and get my CNA. I will begin on 8 March so that is so incredibly exciting. I hope to be working by the end of April, which will be really good for several reasons. First of all, it wouldn't hurt our financial situation. Second, I think I need to keep some more outside interests because I'm starting to depend on Chris as my only outlet and support structure and, well, that's not working out for us very well. Third, it'll get my mother off my back about going back to school. I'm hoping that this move into the health field will give me the perspective I need to reevaluate my decision about nursing. Was I being too emotional? Did I make the right choice? Hopefully, all of these questions will be answered when I start working in a patient care field and get my bearings on how I, as a (sometimes) more emotionally stable adult, can cope with the work and find out if it's really for me. That's the plan, at any rate. Fingers crossed and here's to hoping that all of that goes well!

In other news, I have filed my income tax. I expect my return to come in tomorrow, wouldn't it be so exciting to have money again? It's going to have to stretch until my birthday. Oh wow I just checked my bank account and, well, it's already here. Yay! We should be able to do a fair amount of grocery shopping, then. I will also have some money to pay on my credit card and make my payments until May, which is absolutely great. I am not intending to go nuts with my money, but it is nice to know that I have some. I also plan to go clothes shopping and get myself some new pants and shirts and stuff since I seem to have... ahem... "outgrew" them.

I am not pleased with the amount of weight gain I have experienced lately. I went to go see the doctor on the fifth and things are going well. I expressed my extreme displeasure at having to go another round of bra shopping after starting the pill again, despite no change in my habits whatsoever. If anything, I'm living a healthier lifestyle now than I did before! Anyway, he felt sad for me and gave me a prescription for LoSeasonique as opposed to the Seasonique I am taking now. I have had absolutely no problems with breakthrough bleeding with this pill, but I have read online and seen that many women have complained of breasts getting huge quickly as a result and I'm afraid this has happened to me. I am concerned about starting the LoSeasonique because the Loestrin did not do very well because I have essentially two uteri that need the hormones to bring them under control. Lower dosages increases my risk of just making my period really, really angry and mean. High dosages make me gain weight, though, so that on top of the PCOS just sucks ass. I am going to start taking the new pill after this pack runs out, so I hope everything works out. He said that I have to call and make another appointment in three months if the Lo version is working out, and he will have all of my glucose and insulin tests done then. Then we can talk about getting me on some medication that will help me shred some of this poundage. It's just nuts, I've gained nearly 50 pounds in 6 months after going I don't even know how long being the same weight. Perhaps being on my feet and going to school again will help. It'll be more active, at least.

So, I finished the socks for Chris and gave them to him on Valentine's Day after we went to Sea Island. He loves them and they fit him perfectly. I'm so happy they worked out. I have finished the blankets for Will's little daughters, we just need to call and ask about when I need to ship them to them. I hope they like them, they were an enjoyable project and I loved the pattern. Right now, it's time for the Ravelympics. It's so exciting. So far, I have unwound three projects that I needed to reclaim the yarn from. I have made two baby hats and a set and a half of baby booties. I am working on the blanket for James's expected son and some socks that I'm making for Zach. I hope those socks will just knit themselves, I hate them. It's not so much the pattern itself, it's the materials I'm using. I'm using Ella Rae Classic Superwash wool for them and oh my goodness is that stuff scratchy as hell! GAH! I hope he likes them and I absolutely will finish them in time for the Ravelympics to be finished. However, in the meantime, I'm going to be working on the blanket because it's so quick even with the tedious number of stitches! I have also managed to get several people interested in the knit-and-crochet-along on MW. We are going to be making a market bag. I'm excited, I've never made a bag before.

Here's a list of the patterns:
Baby Hat
Baby Booties
Baby Blanket
Market Bag- Knit
Market Bag- Crochet

I'm not interested in posting pictures right now, I'm feeling rather "bleh". Part of it must be because Chris is sick, which makes me in kind of a wonky mood. I hope he gets to feeling better, poor dear. Dax is going to come over tomorrow night, I'm excited about it I haven't seen him in a while. It should be a fun weekend.

Oh, I almost forgot! We have been getting into Redbox a lot lately since we cannot seem to find Battlestar Galactica Season 4.5 on DVD anywhere in town, we are going to have to order it online. We ended up watching Black Dynamite last night. It was really funny, I'm glad Chris convinced me to see it. We also went to Chili's last night, they're having a really cool special right now where you get to choose from a list of entrees and a list of appetizers and you get both for $9.99. It ended up being a pretty good deal since most of the entrees listed are regularly about $8 and some of the appetizers are much more expensive on top of that. I ended up getting a half rack of baby back ribs and some of their southwest eggrolls. It was really good and a pretty large meal for the price. I was a bit disappointed in their vegetable offerings, though. All they had was steamed broccoli and shaved carrots. I would expect them to have more of a variety, but oh well. My only regret is that I got sick in the parking lot on the way to the car, ugh.
nerd knitting socks startrek

Busy busy busy!

I have been quite the busy bee both yesterday and today. Mostly, just trying to get the house in order. It is much better than it was a few hours ago, and much better than it was yesterday morning, that's for sure! Other than that, not much has really been going on. Both days have been pretty good ones, no weird irrational outbursts. I really think that it helps me to be more active and get things done around here. I feel accomplished for today, even though not everything has been done.

One really great thing that happened yesterday is Chris cut out the first sock blocker. After quite a bit of sanding on the edges, we determined that said blocker would not fit on the socks I made for Mike, as his socks are a little bit baggy due to my, admittedly, fledgling pattern-writing skills, especially when it comes to socks. They look great, though, and I actually finished them today.

Speaking of socks, I cast on for the January Mystery Sock with some Patons I have in my stash, it should look pretty good but the problem is that I'm not sure the gauge will be quite right. I have enough time between now and then to frog and try something else, though, if it comes down to it. I also have some extra Patons in the color I used for Dax's socks, so perhaps that will be okay for heel and toe. I still have not started Zack's socks, but I figure I can get those done in February during... dun dun dun! Ravelymics. I have joined a team, hooray! I'm hoping to get quite a bit done in February. January was only so-so as far as getting stuff done.

So, yesterday I was here at home and I noticed this pink-frosted strawberry white cake. It looked wonderful. I wondered and pondered where it could have come from. I relived the entire night before trying to remember if it had been there all along but, no, couldn't figure it out. I talk to Chris and implore him to end my suffering and ask our roommate, Charles, where this freaking cake came from. His response was, "Oh, yeah, Darrell brought that for us. I told you this morning but you kind of went 'ugh' and fell asleep again." *facepalm* It was a good cake, though rather frostingful for my taste.

Tonight, as we game with Family Fun Friday participants, we shall snack upon marvelous Frito pie and laugh a little too hard. I hope it's better than the casserole I made last night, Chris and Charles liked it but I couldn't get the lemony taste out of my head. I actually only had a tiny can of tuna and asked Chris and Charles to run to the store and grab one more can and some onions because, well, we use way too many of them not to need more. They came back with the aforementioned items and also Julie and Julia. I've been wanting to watch that movie SO badly, but couldn't get an opportunity. It's sitting on my dining room table and I still haven't watched it I've been so busy today. I'm excited about it and will post a hideously long, squee-filled review the moment I've watched it. I have started reading the book, so once I finish it I will also do a book comparison blog entry. I am also a little bit obsessed with Julia Child, so this should be fascinating.

That will probably not end up being tomorrow, since Chris and I have dinner and fun with the Congregation of Divine Providence, since he's one of their associates. I like them, they're a neat group of ladies. I had hoped to discuss something with one of the Sisters about perhaps doing a Socks for Soldiers knitting group with them, since I know quite a number of them do knit. That wouldn't be bad.

Ha, and you thought you could get away with no pictures this time, did you? Chris made (or, rather, recolored the template and added my username) a new ravatar for Ravelry for the Ravelympics, bwahahaha. I will try to make it as big as possible without it looking hideously stretched with nasty pixels hanging out all over the place. Okay, yeah, it doesn't get bigger. The team name is Battlestar Kickasstica. This is going to be really fun, be forewarned you will have lots of information about this flooding this page come 12 February or so. :)

nerd knitting socks startrek

The Nightmare is Back...

Today was a rather uneventful day, sort of. Chris and I have discussed it, and Neko is going to be relegated to the bathroom once again. She has spent so much time there, perhaps it was a mistake to bring her out, it must have been overwhelming. She did fairly well up until a month and a half ago or so, and then she just all of a sudden spiraled more and more out of control. She will be happier in a place that is most definitely her territory, undisturbed and not in battle with me. I hope that this decision will put everyone in a happier place. Also, Chris and I plan to take out the bathtub unit in that bathroom and replace it with a standing shower. I hope to put cabinets and shelves along the other side, since there's a mini wall jutting out to stabilize the current bathing facility and there would be space between the wall on either side. May as well get myself a decent linen cabinet out of the deal, yes? I'm also hoping it will make the bathroom appear more spacious, since it currently does not feel very big. I also think some brighter coloring and decent paint will also help to remedy that situation, of course, but one thing at a time and there's no point in painting if we're going to be doing major rippage.

Chris got out of work at one or so, I picked him up from his half day. He really needed it, stuff at work and with me is kind of out of whack right now. On the me side of things, it's completely my fault and I feel terrible about it. I tend to take out my frustration on whatever is available and, well, he's always available. There has been considerably more frustration lately with Neko pee all over everything and money woes, which I don't contribute much to, image issues, etc.

So much going on and, to make things worse, I would like to elaborate on something I mentioned before about issues with a certain person rearing their ugly head into our lives and making things difficult for us once again. It's actually hit the fan now, so instead of explaining it I would like to post a series of links that give the story and just say that I know this person, she is not a good person. She is crazy and I personally hope that she gets the mental help she needs, because I know that she has been messed up for at least a few years, which would put her in the child category when at least the things I knew of came about. I know for a fact that this girl is an incredible liar, I have been lied to by her and have witnessed her ability to manipulate others. It's incredible, and if she cannot be helped in a mental facility, I truly believe that she is dangerous. So, links will be posted and that's all I have to say about that because, honestly, it's something that hurts my heart to think about. Be careful, the information contained especially on E.D. is rather graphic. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Local News Article
Encyclopedia Dramatica
Local News
Activist Site #1
Activist Site #2

On to happier things! Christopher's socks are doing magnificently well!The gusset is done and I'm about halfway down the foot. Here are pictures! I got pretty frustrated with it earlier today and let loose an incredible string of swear words and insults at a series of three unmanageable dropped stitches, but all are back in place and being worked very quickly. I was afraid that I hadn't decreased the gusset enough but, upon trying it on my own foot, was pleased to see it rather baggy. This is really good since my feet are narrow and his are not, it's enough to accommodate his gargantuan feet. My reasoning was justified, since the sock did fit him, hooray!


I am very pleased with them. I also wanted to mention, in a small way, that I have, in fact, decided to cast on for the Sock Knitter's Anonymous January 2010 Mystery Sock. I couldn't help it, they're so pretty! No beads, though, I solemnly swear. Even better, I do plan to finish Mike's socks tomorrow and block them on Friday, because... dun dun dun! Chris is making me sock blockers! They're made with Lexan and, well, pictures! They're not cut out, obviously, but he has the forms traced out and will cut the rough shapes tomorrow. We just have to sand them down and make them pretty-like. I know you're asking "Why eight?". I need sock blockers in three sizes and it's easier to trace and cut out the largest ones and trace down to size, and an extra two in case we mess up too badly!


Chore Wars!

This morning, as I had my wonderful breakfast of oatmeal, I decided to surf around Ravelry. I had seen the topic of "Chore Wars" on the message board of the Ravelrousing Housewives group, but thought nothing of it other than assuming it was some sort of rant at someone's lazy husbeat and/or children. Today, armed with the bane of children's breakfast items, I opened the link... and oh my gosh I'm so happy I did! It's all about a website called Chore Wars and the group had created a party there. I clicked the link and made my character. Basically, the idea is that it's an RPG spoof in which all instances are actually just representations of chores you do around the house. Each chore gives different experience in different areas. Some chores are more intellectual things, others are comprise mainly of elbow grease. Each chore is given different stat modifiers, so whenever you level up your stats change (how cool). Each family or group (called a party) has a DM who adds chores and their benefits and everyone claims them, gets items, experience, gold, etc. I spent all morning running around and doing stuff and got a lot done, it's a great motivator. I talked to Chris about it and now I almost regret joining the ravelry group because it would be really great to have a party to represent our family and just see what we can get done!

So hooray, I just wanted to plug this a bit. I decided to spend a little bit of time with the Wii Fit today after about half of the chores I had planned were finished. When I stepped on, I was flinching because I knew that I hadn't been active since before the holidays (I know, I'm bad!) but, good news! I lost ten pounds! I did the step workout with the extra step booster and that was really great. My legs kind of hurt a little bit, which is kind of sad since I shouldn't be tired from the little workout I did. However, it is better than nothing, right? Oh! Note to the wise: Do not weigh yourself on the balance board while the little step enhancer is underneath, it makes you weigh like six pounds less.

Sock Knitter's Anonymous has a new sockdown coming up for February and ooooh am I ready. I am so excited to start on some of those unloved patterns. I just hope I can be one of the first fifteen to claim them! I am still rather unsure as to whether or not I want to cast on the SKA January 2010 Mystery Sock, it looks so wonderful. I wish I had some beads, but alas, I do not! As the time approaches, I will keep thinking about it. Even if not for the January sockdown, they are wonderful looking socks and definitely worth a try. Okay, so the rest of the day did not end up so well. I turned around for only a few moments and came back to find this:

This is the yarn that I had painstakingly wound into a cake after Marmalade kind of chewed through it, detaching the WIP sock from the skein. I decided to abandon the sock, frog it, cake it, and use the rest of the skein for a sock redo for Chris. It seems like the fuss never ends with yarn, seriously! It took me forever to untangle the stuff and I ended up having to cut and tie like four knots in the teeny tiny cake. Maybe, since I have a lot more yarn than the pattern needs, I won't even have to use this stuff and I can just throw the little cake in with the rest of my scrap sock yarn, that way it'll be at least okay for some scrappy socks where a lot of joins are expected. *crosses fingers*

While I was unknotting and winding, Chris and I started talking. I was already in a rather foul mood with all of this going on and I got rather spiteful and nasty with him. Chris and I have very different ways of organizing our activities. He just jumps into this, that, and the other and it tends to take quite some time to get the first thing finished. It frustrates me because I tend to prioritize and work on one thing at a time, so it seems like everything I do gets done relatively quickly. The problem this has created is that I have no space in the house. Chris had bought the house and moved his things in long before I came along and so all of the storage space he has available is currently in use. As such, even though I have a room with a closing door to keep my knitting stuff in, I have nowhere to put it once it's in there. That's the main issue that was at the core of me being such a nasty bitch about the whole thing. I did calm down and we got some stuff worked out and I think it'll be okay. I hope.

So, I decided not to go to the San Antonio Fiber Junkies meeting tonight simply because there was just too much going on, so I decided to stay home and make dinner. While I was getting ready to cook, after Chris got home, I see our cat Neko up on the table, on top of the blanket I made for Julie. She peed on it. She can't have access to our room so she goes and finds the only thing that has spent enough time with me out in the living room and actually gets on the dining room table to piss on it. That's how obsessed that damn cat is with proving that this is HER house. Chris was pissed, I'm not sure what's going to happen to her now. She's in the bathroom, I'm considering getting a cat box and some food and leaving her in there indefinitely. She lived that way for eight years and did much better there than she is out here. I just don't understand how this has happened. My cat was a perfectly well behaved animal, and still is now that she's adjusted to her new living space. Neko, on the other hand, is just completely nuts. That's all I can think of, really. Thank goodness the blanket is acrylic and is in the washing machine right now. I had to wash it to get it blocked, anyway, so two birds with one stone I guess.

Dinner was good. I made grilled pork chops with sauteed onions and green beans. Fantastic, I think next time I'll prepare a bit more and marinate the chops overnight in an applesauce/barbecue/brown sugar mixture and see how that turns out, it does sound very good. I hope it is. Right now, we are finishing off Battlestar Galactica season 4.0.

It must be 9 pm, I can hear the taps from Lackland AFB. It's really rather soothing.

Cheap Pizza Monday (plus some)

So, it's been a little bit since I last posted, but that's okay. Friday went really well, though only a couple of people showed up. We played Kerplunk, Jenga, and Scattergories. No Munchkin, strangely enough. A good time was had by all, I think, and Family Fun Fridays is starting to become more than just a coincidence. Hooray! We went to bed at an ungodly late hour, which was a bit sucky, but would not have been bad if we didn't have to go to the Mizuumi convention meeting at McDonald's with Darrell on Saturday morning. The meeting went really well and a ton of great ideas were tossed around. I'm not a huge fan of anime, but I'm sure those who are are going to love it. There are going to be tons of guests and panels that even I will find interesting, it's almost a shame I'm going to be working for the majority of the convention. Who knows, maybe I'll be able to catch something interesting. Also of note, Mike's socks are nearly complete and Darrell was very impressed with my socking skills. I'm hoping to have them completed and blocked before Friday, in case Mike comes around.

The rest of the day, on the other hand, was the fun event of the season! You will see the sarcasm very shortly in all of its viscous glory. I decide to call my mother, she is a bit upset and, long story short, a person we never thought we would ever have to see or hear from ever again reared their ugly head into our lives once again and shook quite a bit up. Thankfully, it was possible to get away from all of the tension to go pick up Alanna from the movie theater. She is eleven, granted, but swears that everyone will love The Vampire's Assistant, even me. I'm not so sure, though, as I refuse to hear anything about that damned Twilight series. Funny thing is, though, we went to WalMart after picking her up to pick up some paper towels and other household needs. While there, we found ourselves in the Barbie aisle. Check this out:


They even came out with the Edward Cullen Barbie doll. Isn't that incredible! The greatest part? If you take him under the light, he does sparkle with glitter that is embedded in the skin of his plastic "hot bod". Also, one of the things I noticed while I was there is that Ken now has that whole flippy-banged emo/scene hairdo. When I was a kid, Ken had hair that wasn't even individual strands, it was just sculpted painted plastic. I just find it incredibly interesting how much Barbie is changing with the times, I guess. I feel so old for saying that, though. I was standing in the aisle and remarking on that and a middle-aged woman walks up behind me, contemplating it also, and says, "Yeah, I totally get what you mean. Things have changed a lot!" and takes her cart and walks off. I'm not entirely sure about how I feel about that comment, though.

Then, we went to Nine Lives Bookstore. It's a really great store with lots of selection and the owner, Suzanne, is a really neat lady. She works very hard for the things she cares about and I have very great respect for her, not to mention she has a wonderful sense of humor, as well. While there, Alanna found some books in the Alanna series. She quite likes them, and I found it amusing that she found some young adult novels with her name on them, literally. We couldn't find anymore books in The Vampire Diaries series for her. I found as many of them for her for Christmas/ Yule as I could, but unfortunately this collection did not include the first book so it's a bit frustrating having to wait. While there, Chris bought me a copy of The Frugal Gourmet Cooks American. It's very interesting, and I quite like what I've seen of the chef, though I have not had the chance to cook anything out of it yet. I also picked up a copy of Zen and the Art of Knitting, it looks very interesting. I've only read the first two pages or so but it's already very good. I'll update when I finish reading it, though, of course.

So, we went back to Mom and Dad's and spent the evening with them. It was pretty good and most of the stress was over by the time we got there. Dad was just itching to play Munchkin Bites. We had gone over and played the original Munchkin game with them and Dad loved it so much, he went out and bought Munchkin Bites! and its expansion pack. We played two games, it was cool. It was me, Dad, Alanna, Chris, and Jakob joined in the second game. The kids liked it quite a bit, too, I think. Dad obviously likes it pretty well, which is good because it's something a group of people can play vs. a single-player interest. By the time came to go, I went to go see my mom. She was watching this show called Silent Library on MTV. It's hysterical, I'd recommend watching it.

When we got home, my back was hurting fairly badly. I got Alanna set up for bedtime and climbed into bed, only to find that one of the cats had peed on my side of the bed. I went into sobbing hysterics, it's just too much stress. Chris was very helpful and got the bedding washed and dried for me, he's such a sweetheart. We also made plans to swap out doors so we can have one that actually closes. He set it up yesterday and it works very well, and it's great to be able to go somewhere and have a little bit of peace, you know? Not that I really mind being bothered by the cats most of the time, it's just it's important for me to be able to go somewhere quiet without the possibility of being pounced upon. While Chris was doing that, I started on the blanket for Jade. I haven't worked on it at all today so this is all that's been done on it (about 20%):


Yes, it looks quite a bit like the blanket I made for Christopher's mom, but it's not. The green is the same, but it's pink on the other stripes, not light purple. It was really soothing while I sat up and waited for my back pain to cease and/or sleepy time. 

Sunday, Chris found out that a student at OLLU had passed away. Chris didn't know him too terribly well, but our friend Eric did and he was pretty upset. He and Chris went to Mass at the Lake and I stayed home with Alanna and made dinner after her parents came to pick her up. I made roasted chicken with an adapted recipe from Roasting by Barbara Kafka. I found the book very cheap at Half Price Books months ago while Christmas shopping and only now have just used it. I think my aversion to using it comes directly from the fact that I think "Roasting Kafka" every time I see the spine of the book. Silly reason, but there it is. I'm glad I did use it, the chicken came out really well! I was really pleased with it and I'm glad I threw in the onions and diced tomatoes, it really added to the flavor. She has really good instructions on really good roast meats, vegetables, etc and it's written very simply and without the hooplah that many cookbooks can have.

After dinner, I decided to make some changes to the I Love You socks. I know, I know, I said I wouldn't and that I'd make socks for me, but I realized that I wasn't so far into the pattern that it'd be a total waste of time and I have until the end of February to finish them. So, I frogged and went all the way back to the beginning. I changed the pattern to include a cast on of 80 stitches as opposed to 72 and used size 2 US needles for the ribbing, 2.5 for the leg and foot. It's coming along quite nicely (and quickly) now, and I am pleased to post an update picture which includes proof that it will fit onto Christopher's foot and leg. :)

I like using the larger needles not only because it allows the sock to actually fit, but because it makes it get to the specified length just a little bit more quickly. I have been working on the sock all of today and it's coming along very nicely. I have just one more repetition of the pattern in the leg and then I will be at the heel flap, which is precisely where I was when I frogged. Chris sent me a message letting me know that he had found a way to get Scout fixed for very cheap next Monday, so we'll see how that goes. Very soon, if all works out, we will have two baby cats in need for rehoming. He also downloaded the Battlestar Gallactica soundtracks for me, they are quite excellent. Who would have thought Gata could sing so well? We're almost to the end of the 4.0 set so you'll probably hear me mope a bit about not being able to find 4.5 here in a week or two.

Other than that, not much of interest has occurred today other than Cheap Pizza Monday at Papa John's. I decided to change things up a bit and asked Chris to get me a sausage pizza with little sauce. Good, much better than my typical mushroom fare.

Now, Chris is totally flipping out because I kind of moved his W-2 when I was getting ready for Family Fun Friday and now he can't find it... :(
nerd knitting socks startrek

Sock it to me?!?!?!

Okay, so quite a few things have been going on the last few days, weeks, months, but I will begin with the fact that I am knitting socks. Yes, plural. I have tried pattern after pattern and resorted to making up my own, even. The first pair of socks were made with the pattern Thuja, which worked out all right if it wasn't for the fact I had used quite the wrong yarn. Cotton yarn lacks the elasticity needed to spring back after being stretched over the foot. These socks were for Christopher.

First Socks

As you can see, they turned out all right. I just wish they didn't have such a problem with the stretchiness. I made them on Boye size 7 US dpns. Perhaps they'll shrink in the wash, we shall see. After I made these, I worked on another pair of Thuja socks, this time in wool yarn. Due to the elasticity of the yarn, I thought it best to use Yarn Bee size 6 US needles and see how that went. The first was... okay. There was a bit of a similar problem with the bagginess caused by over-stretching. The second ended up being very tight and, upon trying it on myself before it was finished, it became an UGH! project on Ravelry. They also look quite a bit like giant bruises.

The funny thing is I considered finishing the second one and ripping back the first and remaking it for me, but by that time I was so BLAH about it I didn't even care and they lay in a grocery bag, awaiting their sad fate of the yarn ball winder and me having absolutely nothing to do with the disappointing yarn.

The next pair of socks, I made for Mr. Dax. I called Mom and she told me that his feet are eight inches long. Are you kidding me, my feet are eight and three quarters, almost nine! The child is six years old and I'm twenty. He will be a veritable giant, I'm sure. They turned out incredibly well! The pattern (kf you wish to clicky click, please be advised you need to sign up for a free membership to look up the free patterns) was very easy and the yarn was very unique and I really like the striping it produced, it was very interesting! They were just a teensy too well fitting, the next ones will be made in the large size instead of medium so he will hopefully have a few weeks of growing room!


However, despite my complaints they were my very first socks done in fingering weight yarn and to have fit without being infuriatingly large or small. I still have some of the yarn left so I am looking forward to perhaps making some baby socks for a certain special baby boy whose first birthday is this summer.

After these socks, I began to write my own patterns for socks and came up with these for Mike. The pattern is listed in Ravelry, if anyone is interested I wouldn't mind sharing! I discovered that the issue was not necessarily my knitting but rather the fact that everything is bigger in Texas, including insteps. The problem was that the socks would not stretch well enough to slip over the huge insteps of pretty much anyone, so I had to write a pattern that was very close to the average ankle circumference but would stretch to accommodate the instep-heel measurement. So, I rewrote a pattern to fit these criteria and it went pretty well. My only problem is that it eats up quite a bit of yarn. The only thing I'd like to change is bring them in closer and tighter around the foot. They are very baggy around my feet, but then again my feet are narrow and short, so please excuse the photo as I am modeling them! I have not finished the second sock, dear I hope I don't have second sock syndrome, and our friend Zach liked them so much that he tried them on and told me that since they were so great if I'd make him some he'd pay me for them. Hooray! This means that, since he and Chris have such similar feet, I can use this as an excuse to go ahead and try to find a pattern that makes me happy and fits Chris very well. I hope.

So, now I come to the very end of my socky tale. For Valentine's Day for Christopher, I decided to make him Escalator Socks in some really awesome yarn called Lumberjack Tweed. Could anything be more manly sounding? Well, I was also working it as a part of the Sock Knitter's Anonymous group January 2010 Sockdown. It's a good theme this month and I liked the pattern, needed to make something for Chris. Well, I have since begun the heel flap and tried it on me before doing so... it barely fit me, so apparently I am going to have some lumberjack socks because there is no way I am going to frog back after all of that work. I shortened the leg with this knowledge and hopefully will have the first sock done very soon.

The yarn is very interesting, though I'm not sure I like the little tweedy bits, to be honest. They look like little lint balls and I'm just itching to pluck them off. Blech! I have two other skeins of the stuff to use for the socks I have planned for Charles's birthday present, so we shall see.

Everything else is going well, and as a treat I would like to present to you, my reader, an awesome bit of sock giggles:

Hehe that makes me laugh so hard every time, enjoy! (Oh, and while typing up this blog entry I was watching Star Trek: The Next Generation season 3 episode 23: Sarek. It was cool seeing Spock's dad go totally emotionally crazy.
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So much new going on, it's incredible!

So, it seems I have dropped off the face of the livejournal planet once again. That's all right, though. Rather than go on and on updating everything that has gone on, I'm just going to list pretty much the major events of the past few months.
  • I started dating the most awesome man in the world and have moved in with him, still in the process of moving my things over. 
  • I became very ill and had to withdraw from school, which horrified my parents beyond all reason and, of course, they are still very, very upset with me about it.
  • I am currently looking for a job because I stupidly resigned from my position at P2 and did not have a firm hold on the other job offer I supposedly had, which of course went down the drain.
  • Lunie's foot is doing quite a bit better, however this is after several vet visits which eventually revealed that she has two infections in her foot. One is resistant to the antibiotic she got at first. The other is resistant to the other antibiotic another vet gave her. Now, she is on both and finally recovering!
So, after all of that, let's dive in to what is pretty much on my mind lately. Yesterday was a lot of fun! Chris, Charles, and I went to play miniature golf at Malibu Grand Prix with Joseph and Mike. They had awesome costumes. We, of course, did not. I'm not really big on Halloween costumes and such. Then, we came home and handed out candy to the trick-or-treaters. We had about ten or so, it was mildly disappointing. I think it may be due to the fact that, due to the recent unprecedented rain, our front yard has begun to appear quite frightening, and not in the cool Halloween type of way. Of course, there was the very serious part of the holiday, for me. I went out and bought blank cards for each of the people in my family who have passed away to whom I was very close and went home and wrote a letter for each of them, setting it outside with a candle for them to peruse and read all night. Just to see how much they are missed and how life is going for those they have left behind, I guess. I know it's not really a Heathen holiday exactly, but old habits die hard and it is venerating my ancestors, so I figure no one should mind.

i have been working on a really great project lately. I'm making a huge blanket for our bed, it is green and black. It's pretty much done, just another week or so of work. I'll definitely post pictures when it is finished. I am crocheting it, which is really great. I haven't worked on a crochet project in a very long time, so this is really refreshing. It's going by really quickly, it's just row after row of double crochet. I do have plans for Christmas/Yule projects that involve home-made things so I'm definitely looking forward to sharing those, as well!

Today has been rather hectic. I woke up this morning and was worried about waking up too late, but then realized that I was mistaken due to ridiculous Daylight Savings! I absolutely hate that, it throws me off completely. Then, I waited around for Chris to wake his sleepy booty up and we went shopping at Good Will. I didn't find anything and got frustrated with looking so I'll go back tomorrow since I have to go to the grocery store, anyway, which is across the street. Chris found an anime model that's worth quite a bit of money for very cheap so he's wanting to put it on ebay. Then, we went grocery shopping and got all of the food we're going to need for the next week and a half or so. I'm excited about it! We also got some new bake ware, which is good because I quite love baking foods and not just desserts! We also got a pie pan for Charles for Christmas. I think he'll be incredibly happy to get it and we'd enjoy eating all of the delicious things he makes in it!

Then, we got home and I made Shepherd's Pie. It's an easy recipe. Somehow, I guess the person who wrote the recipe has a different concept of a large potato than I do because I ended up with not enough potatoes and some of the peas decided to surface of their own accord! It's going to taste incredibly good with some pumpernickel bread! So, here's the picture:

Anyway, it is dinner time and I am going to run off and go eat some delicious Shephard's Pie!
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What Does Your Height Say About You?

Your Height Says You're Introspective
You are a very vulnerable and spiritual person. Your emotions run deep.
You have a philosophical and poetic soul. You think things through and are a bit of a skeptic.

You tend to be very opinionated. You are a perfectionist with high standards.
You prefer to work alone. You work hard, and you don't like interruptions.

You are about as tall as the average Japanese woman.

Hah, wow... That's actually pretty accurate.
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What Kind of Boots Are You?

You Are Cowboy Boots
You are incredibly down to earth and happy with yourself. You don't pretend to be someone else.
You also tend to be very practical. You don't really have a lot of room for fluff in your life.

You are a very honest and direct person. You will give anyone a straight answer, even if it's a bit uncomfortable.
While you're quite sensible, you always like a little bit of flash in your life. You don't overdo it, but you do like turning heads.
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One really long day...

Right, so Alanna and I ended up going to Barnes and Noble and also to Michaels, which was fun. I picked up a copy of Grimm's Fairy Tales and looked for a charm bracelet at Michaels, but they didn't have any that were silver. Hobby Lobby has them, though, I think. At least I remember them having them from when I worked there. I'm planning on adding charms to it as I go, a kind of roadmap of my life from this point forward. Anyway, we went back to the Ransom residence with books and a cool craft project in tow and had pizza and popcorn and watched Coraline. Brian did not show up and I got a little bit upset, but oh well. It's not like there's anything I can do about that.

After Chris and Opal got home, I realized that I was very, very tired. I had a big day planned the next day, so I decided to take off.  On the way home, though, I called Mike and asked him what he was doing and it turns out he was at Sam and Joe's, so I stopped over there on the way home and hung out... until 5 am. It was a super late night quite by accident. We had fun, though, and that was good. Mike took a look at the gateway and told me basically that I need to get a new hard drive. I'm not surprised by this at all. I had hoped that wouldn't be the problem, but at least it's something I can fix. The battery has trouble charging, though, you have to hold it at an angle. In general, it's just a piece of crap and it's falling apart. However, if I can get it working again, I will have something to play Neverwinter Nights on, so I'm going to be fixing it one little piece at a time. I also ended up going on ebay and ordering a bracelet for my charms. It's pretty, I'll be sure to share when it gets in.

Mark called and made sure I was awake on Sunday at 10 am. A very kind gesture, though I was mildly peeved about it at the time and he got here at about 10:30 or so.  After a little bit, we took off to Jerry and Jackie's home at the nudist resort. It was rather difficult to get to, since I kept getting confused with all of the country roads. It's technically not even in the same county that I live in, but it was only about 45 minutes away by road. It was a good visit when we got there, we didn't see any naked people. We ended up going to a little restaurant in Pleasanton called Sely's. It was really good food, though the wait was pretty long because it was a Sunday afternoon and there was a huge number of people there. Afterward, we went back to their home and sat and discussed a myriad of things. I think we're probably going to contact the Unitarian Church and ask if we can use a conference room or something for the lore study group, so I guess we'll see how that turns out. I'll probably be calling them sometime this week. It's just the only place we can think of that we could meet at, though I thought maybe an IHOP or Jim's would work out decently. I suppose we'll see. We also did some discussion about the lore but not too much since we didn't have too terribly much time, and Mark was there and not entirely prepared for it.

So, Mark and I stopped by the grocery store and picked up the ingredients for some fantastic spaghetti. All of the ingredients amazingly only cost me $23 and it was enough to feed five adults with some left over. Anyway, my pants ended up ripping while were at HEB.  I'm glad Mark let me know.  It's interesting because I really didn't care too much.  I guess when something like that happens, you have two choices. You can either be incredibly embarrassed, which is a waste of energy, or you can just roll with it and deal with it as best you can. I chose option two. After that, we went back to the house. Mark had to go and hang out with his dad, so he ended up taking off.  He gave me a bag that had all of the things that Sarah had given him in it. I think giving it back may be very good closure for him. He's  been having trouble dealing with some aspects of their breakup recently, which I don't blame him for, even though it happened quite a long time ago.

I gathered up my pots and pans and went to Joe and Sam's. I got there at about 6 pm and dinner was ready at about 7:15, which I thought was pretty good. It's pretty much your basic spaghetti recipe, I suppose.  We put Italian sausage and hamburger meat in a pot and add onions, garlic, mushrooms. Then tomato sauce with different seasonings and just cook it.  Don't know how else to explain that, hahaha.  Just wait for it to be the right consistency. Mike brought some pinot noir wine. It did not taste too great and it was very strong. I somehow accidentally drank a little bit too much but I was okay.

Then, we played! It was a fantastic game session, Mike is a very good and creative DM. His characters can end up being absolutely hilarious and he can make up some of the most interesting things. Anyway, at the risk of revealing myself as a total nerd, I will refrain from going into all of the details. However, Gertie the teeny elf barbarian kicked some major ass with the axe that's taller than she is. It was awesome.